eRepublik is a global massively multiplayer online game where players can participate in a variety of daily activities. Citizens of the New World can be employees, own businesses, form political parties, vote in elections, become party presidents, members of Congress or country presidents, write newspaper articles and even go to war as citizens of virtual versions of real life countries. The game has very few visual elements and is primarily text-based in nature.
Upon joining, a citizen picks which virtual country he or she wishes to join. Each of these countries is named after an actual country in the real world, and is generally located similarly (warfare may cause certain regional displacements). The citizen then seeks employment at a company within that country, and is allowed the opportunity to train as a soldier for that country. Training, and working at a company is done on a daily basis. One of the main drawing points of the website is that it takes a mere “14 minutes a day” to participate.

eRepublik Gold is a fictional currency used in the eRepublik World. It is the main reference point for all the local virtual currencies (examples: USD, GBP) and it is used to buy additional features (such as companies) within the New World. It can be obtained freely by reaching certain levels or achievements, or purchased with real life currency. Many users have expressed dislike over the changes to the game which requires gold to use.


Family portrait ideas

It has been an experience of a lifetime for me and I must share it with all of you. I remember the first time when my father even mentioned the idea of getting a family picture; I gave him an exhausted expression. Well, what can I say? I really underestimated the selling skills that my father has. He understood and took in the expressions that he received from around the table and went back to his room. After contemplating for days, he came into the living room when the whole family was just watching television and announced a family contest. This had everyone’s complete attention.

He handed us all an invitation to submit original family portrait ideas to him. We were to think of something which showcased every family member and highlighted our bond to each other. It seemed like work but we were all kind of excited because we had never done anything like this in the past.

I started counting the days of the week because my father was going to announce the winner over the next weekend. I am a little proud and a lot happy to share that I won. I submitted an idea of my dad inventing a contest to bring all of us together. Pretty clever of me, I think.


Mustache party ideas

Workplaces can become stressed zones and often the human resources of top management are looking for ideas and ways that can act as stress busters without causing a lot of expense to the office. One of the common and popular ways is throwing parties where the colleagues can socialize and shed the entire work related burden from their minds to simply unwind and relax. Throwing a party can be a costly affair but this will mainly depend on the theme that you have chosen for the party. So, if you are looking for a theme which can add the much needed fun and laughter without the management having to spend a bucket load of money, I would highly recommend mustache party ideas.

This is not only the hottest theme on the party scene but is also one of the most budget efficient themes to fit any and every occasion. All the supplies are available around the year with a great amount of variety so that even if you chose to set a pattern of throwing mustache themed parties, it will never get boring for your employees. After you see the enthusiasm and feedback of your employees after the first party, I am sure you will go for it every now and then without giving it a second thought.


Minnie Mouse Party Ideas

As much as parenthood is a joy, it can turn into a challenging situation when you have to do the grown up things but from the perspective of your kid. One of the situations is throwing a party for your baby or toddler and thinking of a theme that will suit the age range and will also give you a chance to showcase your party hosting skills. One of the things that children automatically connect to is cartoon characters. Not just a connection, but the happiness that these animated characters bring to your baby even when he is new to this world is amazing.

The world of cartoons has been around for more than a century now and one the most beloved characters from old times is Minnie Mouse. Despite being around for such a long time, there has been no decrease in Minnie’s popularity both young and old. We can find that the popularity has not been untouched by the party scenario that I was talking about earlier. Minnie Mouse Party Ideas have come to the forefront in a big way and the options that any parent or a party planner has while hosting a kid’s birthday party are limitless.


Dog ear infection

Toughest is to tackle the infection that is easily caught, can be painful and gets tough to get rid of if ignored for prolonged period of time. Such a case could be happening in your own home with your pet dog. If someone other than you is taking care of routine cleanliness of your dog; I strongly advise you to make that person aware or take out some time from your schedule to devote it to preventing common skin infections that your dog can easily catch. You guessed it right; I am talking about ear infection because one of the most sensitive areas of your dog’s body is its ears.

Dog ear infection is very common and tough to prevent if you live in regions that are sandy. The dust mites can easily bring on ear infection in your dog. This can be very painful for your dog if it grows. So, any redness or swelling accompanied by unusual amount and frequency of ear scratching by your dog is the first sign that the problem is getting dangerous. So, do a thorough check up and focus on cleanliness first of all. Following this, ensure that your dog’s kennel and surrounding area is made dust free at the earliest.


Pintle hitch

A pintle is a type of iron pin which is placed into a gudgeon, and then utilized as a part of a hinge or a pivot. A tow hitch is a tool connected to the vehicle’s chassis used for towing purposes. For towing a trailer used for transporting goods, usually a tow hitch is used that consists of a two ring design which can be secured with a ball combination or a hook. A pintle hitch has two types: fixed drawbar type and receiver type. Fixed drawbar type hitch is usually manufactured as a single piece that contains an integrated hole for the ball combination. Receiver type hitch is made up of a portion that can be mounted to the frame of the vehicle and has an opening that can be connected with ball mounts, freight carriers and hitch accessories. Many kinds of tow hitches and pintle are available in the market, which are durable, cost effective, and can handle high capacity.

Different kinds of Pintle and Tow Hitches

1. Adjustable Clevis and Pintle Hook Combo
2. Pintle Hook Combo with Ball and Shank
3. Pintle Hook with Shank
4. Pintle Hook Bolt-on
5. Pintle Hook with Hitch Ball and bolt-on
6. Pintle Hook Mount with Tall and Ling Shank
7. Pintle Hook with Fast Latch
8. Cushioned and Adjustable Pintle Mounting Bar with Hitches and Holes


Commercial food warmer

A commercial food warmer has always been a helpful appliance to bakeshop, hotel and restaurant industry. These food warmers, is a huge expense in the first, but eventually will help them generate large profit because of the excellent food taste they can guarantee. They use it in their business place of operation or for business food caterings held in the customer’s place to keep foods at their desirable warm temperature.

Food warmers used in hotels and restaurants are commonly large, heavy and has big capacity as compared to potable food warmers that is intended to be brought during food caterings. They can contain large quantity of food in needed especially during peak season. Many business establishments in hotel and restaurant industries are using this food warming appliance to keep up with the stiff and firm rivalry between competitors.

Catering food warmers are normally small so that they will not occupy bigger space and lighter for easy carrying. They are portable warmers and must be durable and flexible so that they can be used in a long period of time. They are generally used during weddings, conventions, and any other special occasions to be held at home, in the garden, in the beach or some other special places.